Dental Imaging Services

Whether it's an initial visit or a routine exam, our dentist may use one or more dental imaging techniques to evaluate your oral health and identify and diagnose and potential problems. Our office is equipped with several different dental imaging tools, including digital x-rays, for your safety and convenience. 

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays have replaced traditional film x-rays with advanced, electronic sensors that make for a more efficient and accurate dental imaging process. They're also safer for our patients, as they significantly reduce the levels of radation exposure. With our digital x-rays, our dentist is able to quickly display the images on a computer screen and identify problems before formulating an effective treatment plan. 

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is a dental imaging tool used to take internal images of a patient’s mouth. It's slim, ergonomic design allows our dentist to take high-quality images from a variety of angles without compromising patient comfort. The intraoral camera can be used to obtain three different types of x-rays, including occlusal, periapical, and bitewing. 

To learn more about the dental imaging and x-ray tools we use at Smiles at Julington Creek in St. Johns, Florida, call us at 904-342-8423 today.